Thursday, February 24, 2011

My wish for the Arab People et al of the Middle East

My Wish for the Arab nations of the Middle East in Today's climate

The governments of the middle east proclaimed that Wikileaks was an American plot. While I think that is unlikely, it appears that a convergence of factors which might have included the revelations that came from Cablegate but certainly included the connection technology of the internet on one hand, and abuses by their own people in power on the other, has led inexorably to the unrest and change in the Arab nations of the middle east.

We all, east and west, will pay a price for the change that is fomenting and bubbling over. In the west, it will primarily be in increased dollars for the fluid oil but in the East it will be paid for in precisious and sacred fluid blood. I grieve for the price those people of good will will pay.

I hope that the people of these countries who have been oppressed and denegrated will be rewarded by the sort of government that every mother, parent, citizen wishes to have in every country: that is a government that does not see its people as simply a resource to be used and abused but as the very definition of what a country is. Countries are people not just land. Countries are people not just resources. Countries are a collection of people's dreams for a future that is healthy, adeqately fed, with enough water to drink, others to love in safety and the prosperity that comes of dedicated work. All of our governments have much to learn.

To you I repost this video from Youtube of Yousef (formerly Cat Stevens) in the hope that your struggles lead to the peace train.

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