Monday, February 28, 2011

Managing Process centred enterprises

Process Centered Organizations are designed to achieve the highest possible levels of performance from each employee to maximize value, innovation, and growth. Process focus creates a platform for assessing enterprise-wide alignment and identifying opportunities for performance improvement. The 3Cs - the business's customer relations, capabilities, and competencies -constitute the resource platform for the enterprise's future strategies and determine the feasibility of its plans. (Kenneth, 1999) Process Centered Organizations are about groups rather than individuals. This allows them to deal with the issues that occur because the solution has been changed from task to process (McNurlin & Sprague, 2006, p. 570).

When companies stop dividing jobs into tasks as Henry Ford did when he implemented the concept of the assembly line, individuals are no longer just responsible for one small component of the whole. Every person is then responsible for the final result. This can lead to an overwhelming number of diverse tasks which make up the whole. For example, you seldom see anyone getting anyone else to do their typing anymore. Almost anyone in any sort of organization is responsible for doing their own emails, their own mailings etc. No one provided an extra hour to each day to attend to correspondence it was just an expectation. The danger is in burnout and in failures. This can be avoided by ensuring that sufficient employees are assigned to do the amount of work required. It can also require the institution of a more balanced corporate work ethic and work life balance ethos generated by upper management. Performance management must be dealt with differently to encourage a healthy work life balance so that great employees do not become casualties of their own drive or sense of responsibility.

Managing the process-centred enterprise

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