Monday, February 14, 2011

Ethics of business on Valentine's Day

You know it is one unified system.

Surely it is time for business men and women to realize that what they do in their narrow focus each day is incrementally effecting the world in which we all live. Ethics is not just a lofty topic for academicians but rather something that deserves to be incorporated into each and every decision that is made. Are you really willing to live in and condemn your children to live in the world you are creating?  You know that it is one unified system and what makes sense for the bottom line this minute is not always what makes sense for the world and company long run.
I hope to God that some people will follow me and take a stand. It is easier for me now that my children are grown and I am on my own. The consequences of fighting the craziness and the insanity of a monolithic company which makes decisions without heart are mine alone to bear now. However, it is time that we all started asking what we are really trading in when we submit to being yes men?  I think it is more than just your soul.
My valentines day wish is that we all grow a set of ovaries- for it is my belief that it will take ovaries- not balls-  to change this world.

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