Friday, June 4, 2010

What if business people 'Paid it Forward?'

yWhat if every business took one world problem that it could make a difference in and 'Paid it forward'?
What if they did it in a  way that would help them too? That is the topic of Michael Porter's 2006 article in Harvard Business Review.....well OK not exactly but close. Porter said that if businesses tackled world problems with their expertise they were in a better position than anyone else to make a diffference and a profit. So....what if Pfizer made up for some past faut pauxs and picked a disease it could eliminate for very littel money or Ecolab worked to help eliminate rats in any big city. The idea is to go after the problems we can strike off the list or the ones that generate more complex problems as they get bigger.  What if  another company bought the resources to help iodize salt in countries that need the help? Or water companies drilled wells overseas with sponsorships or a percentage of profits for the corporate social responsibility kudos? Win win solutions add up to more in the long run. I have included this film trailer for inspiration or motivation.

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