Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to research any company online

How to research a company online:

Publication/subject Lexis-Nexis file name

Hoover company profiles HOOVER

Securities and Exchange Commission SEC

Company annual reports ARS

Company annual 10-K filings 10-K

Company quarterly 10-Q filings 10-Q

Business wire BWIRE

Public relations newswire PRNEWS

S&P Daily News SPNEWS

Disclosure DISCLO

Consensus earnings projections EARN

CNN Financial Network CNNFN

Dow Jones News/CNBC CNBC

Business Week BUSWK


Fortune FORTUN

Some company web pages include links to the home pages of industry trade associations where you can find information about industry size, growth, recent industry news, statistical trends, and future outlook. A number of business periodicals like Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, and Fortune have Internet editions that contain the full-text of many of the articles that appear in their paper editions. You can access these sites by typing in the proper Internet address for the company, trade association, or publication. The following web sites are particularly good locations for company and industry information:

• Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database (contains company 10-Ks, 10-Qs, etc.)


• CNNfn: The Financial Network

• Hoover’s Online

• American Demographics/Marketing Tools

• Industry Net

• Wall Street Journal--Interactive edition

• Business Week

• Fortune

• MSNBC Commerce News

• Los Angeles Times

• New York Times

• News Page

• Electric Library

• International Business Resources on the WWW--a Michigan State University site

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